I’ve been using the Perversion Mascara and Subversion Primer everyday on my lashes for a good few weeks now with mixed results, I think it’s my nearest perfect mascara yet…


Today I’m going to share with you some of my recent purchases with some swatches at the bottom of this post. I will do reviews on each product separately except from the Effaclar Duo since I’ve rambled on about that enough in past posts.. From Debenhams I aquired a new shade of the Urban Decay […]


A while ago I picked up the L’oreal Colour Riche L’0mbre Pure Mono Eyeshadow‘s in the shades 200 Over The Taupe, 201 Cafe Saint Germain and 206 Little Beige Dress from Boots and I have been trying them out ever since. My verdict is to be honest not that fab on these..


I’ve been testing out the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder (£8.99 @ Boots) for over a week now and I have to say I’m pretty happy with its performance. I’ve recently started a job in coffee shop and this stuff holds my makeup pretty much together throughout. 


Yesterday I went into Boots, had a swatch of the much raved about L’oreal Colour Riche L’0mbre Pure Mono Eyeshadow‘s and I just couldn’t resist their creamy goodness.

cult wishlist EDIT

Today I’m sharing with you guys a wishlist of the Cult products that I haven’t yet got in my collection. Of course with this I’d love to hear any opinions you guys have on these since I’m sure a lot of you have tried them all!


Now I know this looks like a lot of products and kind of contradictory to the title but believe me this is is still a much more minimal routine than I would usually use and I have included the tools I use as well.


Over a long time of using makeup brushes I have, of course found multiple uses for each of them. Today I thought I’d share my uses for each of them. These are the ones that I use most and are the more affordable of the bunch.

tangle teezer vs paddle brush

I’ve had this large paddle brush since I can remember and it did it’s job but of course I got sucked into the Tangle Teezer (£7.80 @ Beauty Bay) hype a few years back and abandoned it somewhere in my wardrobe.


Today I’m sharing with you my three current perfume favourites. I have worn a lot of perfumes over the years some of the ones I love include Gucci’s Premiere, Givenchy’s Very Irresistible and my teen fave Yves Saint Laurent’s Elle.


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