tangle teezer vs paddle brush

I’ve had this large paddle brush since I can remember and it did it’s job but of course I got sucked into the Tangle Teezer (£7.80 @ Beauty Bay) hype a few years back and abandoned it somewhere in my wardrobe. I went looking for it the other week because I found that my beloved orange tangle teezer […]


Today I’m sharing with you my three current perfume favourites. I have worn a lot of perfumes over the years some of the ones I love include Gucci’s Premiere, Givenchy’s Very Irresistible and my teen fave Yves Saint Laurent’s Elle. I guess you could say my perfume preference has changed since I prefer scents that are […]


What with the heat of late I’ve been slimming down my skincare routine because frankly who wants to waste the day inside rubbing and exfoliating their face for hours on end?! Anyho see my favourites below :) Step One Cleanse: I use a combo of the No 7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Nude Perfect Cleansing […]


Today we have a kind of generic blogger type post but non the less I thought maybe some nosy parkers like moi would enjoy a look inside my handbag?, no, oh well here it is! :P Don’t wanna make this a long one so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.. A black slouchy Kardashian Collection […]


Other than using the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation in a few looks I’ve shared on here I have barely touched it. This was for several reasons – 1. I found it quite thick and hard to blend on my then drier winter skin, 2. I found that it caked up and looked heavy often […]


  Let’s address the foot cream first to get the image of feet out of your head quicker, deep breaths. Ok, so the heels of my feet in the summer are dry as hell so I’m having to use this foot cream overly regularly. I’m glad it’s not too pricey! I apply the Soap & […]


Summer has well and truly arrived here in the UK and it’s hotter than it’s been for what feels like years! So of course my skincare routines have been mixed up a bit to accommodate the heat. Today I’m covering my shower skincare/body care routine since that is the most time consuming at the moment […]


Today I’ve put together 5 simple tips that I think are most important when it comes to makeup and beauty in general. Some of these I am only recently following myself and some are downright obvious haha! But hopefully these will come of use to some of you. 1. Don’t forget skincare. It’s common knowledge […]


When it comes to nail polish shades I like to wear the more muted colours, the grey or greige nudes are more my thing along with subtle tones of blue and green. I just feel kind of odd wearing really bright shades.  So the other day I picked up the Essie  polish (other brand’s just can’t compete) in Maximillian […]


You may of noticed that I kind of disappeared for a while (my last post was 20th of June :0) so the excuses are – I had two holidays right after one another; an interesting and rare occurrence, I was ill for a bit; nothing major all good now, and have lately been lacking oomph/drive/whatever […]


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